Hearts at Home Care Limited understand that applying for funding can be complicating and confusing but we are here to help and guide with this situation to make it less stressful for you. We are happy to help you understand what you are eligible for and how and where to claim.


You may be entitled to:-
 Personal Independent Payment
 Carer’s Allowance
 Attendance Allowance
 Disability Living Allowance
 Supplementary Welfare Allowance
You may be entitled to:-
Social Care Funding which means you would need to be assessed by your Local Authority to find out if you are eligible.
You may be entitled to:-
NHS continuing healthcare. If the service user has very severe and complex health needs, they may qualify for this entitlement. This is an ongoing package of care that’s fully funded by the NHS.
You may be entitled to:-
Aftercare. People who were previously detained in hospital under certain sections of the Mental Health Act will have their aftercare services provided for free.